It might be a cliché, but it is nevertheless, completely true: HEALTH IS REAL WEALTH

"It was time to ask some questions"

Despite all diets and weight loss products: the world has never been heavier and we continue to climb up the weight scale. At the same time, “we” continue to do the same things—the same things that haven’t given us long-term results: counting calories, weighing food, turning the same two chips repeatedly—diet and exerciseexercise and diet, and always shouting the eternal mantra: Eat less and exercise more!—which really means “get your crap together” or “lack of willpower”.

We thought it was about time to ask questions and bring forth new knowledge, a new way of thinking and not to mention a brand-new model—far removed from diets, powders and counting calories.

Our mission might be ambitious, but we feel like we’ve accomplished this; finding the truth about weight loss and obesity, and make weight reduction easy with real and lasting results. We do this by bringing comprehensive knowledge, contributing with practical tools and by inspiring to act.


Yes to Health AS consists of a small team with over 20 years of experience in management, communication, entrepreneurship, health, personal growth and mental training—both nationally and internationally.

We helped a chocolate factory shed the pounds, reduced absences in businesses, helped the top athlete who needed to hit a target weight before being allowed to start a competition, and we’ve worked with “you and me” who want to or has a need to lose five, 10, 20, 40 or more pounds. Our process always combine the head, feelings and the body. Everything’s connected.

We’re located in the beautiful and historical city of Trondheim, Norway in Scandinavia. We’ve got a short way to both ocean and mountains while surrounding ourselves with one of Europe’s best universities, international research and a rich cultural life. To us, Trondheim is an international city with a small-town charm.

The idea behind Yes to Health

We love results! The Yes to Health-concept is based on the book “PLEASE—Not Another Diet” by Anne Mette Larsen. Several years of examinations of source material, research, investigations and testing is the foundation of this book. Data is collected from solid sources all over the world along with personal experiences by working with hundreds of course participants and coaching clients.

The purpose of the book was to find out exactly what all diets have missed, and what really has to happen in order to succeed. At the same time, we also had a desire to bring common sense back, and to make slimming down and good health easy for all of us to achieve.

What is true and lasting weight loss?

Diets and weight loss supplements provide an artificial and temporary weight loss:</:

1) Loss of muscle mass and fluids, and no fat reduction.

2) Only short-term willpower and no change in unhealthy habits that are governed automatically by neurology and biochemistry.

3) Unusual and extreme solutions that have nothing to do with living normally or eating healthy.

Both the need and want for most of us is to achieve a true and lasting weight loss. You can read about what it contains here.


The brain controls all behavior, including what we eat, how much, when, how often and how. So that’s where we start. Our processes, methods and practical tools are based first and foremost on neuroscience.

All the methods we use are carefully tried and tested, and we spend plenty of time on updating and developing our own knowledge. In addition to our own vast experience and work with thousands of people, we have a large network with leading experts in several countries that we get knowledge and research from.

What we believe in and what is important to us

Everyone is unique

There are more than seven billion people on this planet and we’re all different—each and every one of us unique. That’s why we all need individual solutions tailored specifically for us. Even weight reduction and health needs to be tailored and customized.


True and lasting weight loss can’t be achieved with uniform and singular expertise. We must think comprehensively. We bring all the chips and pieces, and focus on all the areas needed to succeed with a true and lasting weight loss along with what determines and constitutes good health.


“When we know better—we’ll do better”. Knowledge is the first step to all change. Incorrect information or a lack of information has enabled the world to become more overweight and obese. We wish to rectify this by asking questions, trying new things, testing and testing again.


80% of all obesity is due to emotionally conditioned eating. It’s about behavior, and the brain decides what, how much, when, how often and how we eat. That’s why we start there. Bad habits must be removed, and healthy habits must be established in our neurology so that they’re automated.


We live in a world where there’s plenty of talk about “what”, but a lack of focus on “how” when it comes to personal change and growth. Yes to Health is about the “how”. A healthy life is something we do.

Simple and easy

We all make our own lives a bit more complicated than what’s needed. One of our goals is to contribute to simplifying it.