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What is Yes to Health?

A practical online course to gain true and lasting weight loss, and improve your health.

Yes to Health is no diet. Nor is it a short cut to a quick weight loss. Diets and quick solutions have never worked—long term, but have only made the world even more obese, and made weight loss more confusing and complicated than it is.

Yes to Health starts with the brain. Our brain controls everything we do, including what, when, how much, how often and how we eat. If you know how—you can change your eating habits and lifestyle. Our main focus is emotional eating since 80% of all extra weight and obesity is caused by that. In addition we focus on all the eight areas that affect and determine your weight and your health.


What exactly am I going to learn?

The Wheel of Health—a life in balance

Willpower alone can never defeat an automated behavior and a biochemical drive. To initiate any change in your life, you have to know exactly WHAT is controlling your behavior and HOW. We give you a simple user manual to the brain, your neurology and your biochemistry.

Then you need the practical tools to learn and secure new, healthier and self-propelling habits. The Yes to Health course will teach you weight loss and a good health are more than just diet and exercise. We will guide you through The Wheel of Health—a simple method which systematically creates balance in your life.

How am I going to learn?

Our process; learn, do, repeat—get results

The Yes to Health course consists of 10 learning modules. Each module contains tuition, video trainings, tool sheets and YES Sheets (work sheets). Again, easy to do and no overload of theory and endless information—just the bare necessities.

In each module, you go from WHAT to HOW, step by step. You can do it alone—or work with a friend, free of pressure—you’ve got 12 months. Take your time —learn at your own pace.

In addition to the 10 modules, you will also receive your own interactive dashboard, where you personalize everything and track your progress.

Get inspired and stay motivated

Inspiration comes from the outside—motivation comes from the inside

We have made an inspiration menu for you allowing you to meet, and follow the activities of likeminded people working on their weight and health. We have also added simple menus and several other things. Both the inspiration menu and the calendar while be updated regularly. A surprise or two might just also pop up…


Learn something new every day!

We have our own Yes to Health Calendar—only accessible for our participants. We will regularly present and add interviews with recognized and exciting experts, webinars, invitations to fun challenges and event, and more. No extra cost, and most activities and events can be watch (videos) and listened (Podcasts) to in your log in area, while other events you might like to join locally.


Track your progress

“Dashboard”—your own personal pages

We have made it easy for you to track your progress from the day you enroll and thereafter as often as you like. You simply tick some boxes and we will show you your current status, and how far you have come. It’s all done in a minute. No complicated forms or numerous pages to fill out. We also provide an online journal, ideas for daily routines and practices, the interactive Wheel of Health and more assisting you to live in the moment, to keep track of your goals and stay motivated.

In need of help or want to learn more

We have created a Help Center where you will find answers to all your questions,
more resources and small “Wikipedias” within the subjects you will learn about.

Through the Help Center you can also reach our coaches whom can give you a little extra help or personal coaching.

What is my investment?

For only $69 you get a one year access. Your investment in addition to the $69 (which is only $5.75 a month by the way) is time and focus. You can just read or listen your way to a true and lasting weight loss, and a better health. Each week you need to set aside some time and effort, go through the modules, and use the practical tools. Simultaneously, the course is simple to do, and won’t take up much of your time. After the first 12 months, you decide if you want to keep your access. Even if you have achieved your goals, you might like to keep the access to all the tools, The Dashboard, The Calendar and The Inspiration menu.

What we want you NOT to do

• Counting calories or weigh your food.

• Exercise for countless hours every day.

• Drink smashed sea weed or starve yourself.

• Stop enjoying yourself with ice cream, chocolate or something else now and then.

Available on all devices

In an ever-busy world with a busy everyday life, you can take your YES to Health course with you any- and everywhere and on all devices as long as you are online.

How simple can it be?

One choice. One price. One year access. Easy to learn. Easy to do.
Personalized for you.


Only $69