Privacy policy

Mutual respect, integrity and security are of the utmost important for us.

Our policy for how we treat your personal information and inquiries.


Personal Information

To approve you as a course participant and give you a personal user profile, we need to register your name, age and email address. We also store your age and gender. This, is due to of our age limit of 18 (Terms and Conditions), while storing information on gender is purely for statistical purposes, and are not associated with you personally.
Course participant’s IP addresses are recorded for security purposes to prevent a user profile being used by anyone other than yourself.


Credit Cards

Your bank or credit card details, and information relating to this will not be stored in our server. Our payment provider PayPal undertakes this, and we refer to their terms and regulations regarding User Agreement and Privacy.

Yes to Health AS cannot be held responsible for what PayPal or other subcontractors and partners’ log of user data.


What are ‘cookies’ and what are they used for?

Yes to Health’s website uses cookies, as do most companies with similar activity on their websites. This is undertaken in accordance with Norwegian legislation (Act on Electronic Communications).

A “cookie” is data stored on your browser to allow this website to recognize you from page and visit use.

We use “cookies” to track statistics on our website. It is important for us to compile statistics on our website so that we can understand how pages are being used. This information provides an important foundation to further develop and improve customer and course experience with us.


How to avoid cookies

If you want to avoid the use of “cookies” on our open pages, you can set your browser to automatically reject cookies. See your browser’s help pages for settings.
By using our online course, you consent to the use of cookies.


Personal data and third parties

We do not sell personal information to third parties, nor will we forward such information with third parties.


E-mails and other enquiries

E-mails or other forms of enquiry will not be forwarded or shared with other parties without your consent.

An exception to this rule is when we receive questions and enquiries related to coaching and any health-related matters, and forward these e-mails or enquiries internally to our coaches and coaching partners. Internal forwarding occurs only in connection with the assignment of coaching hours and any exchange of professional knowledge to best help the individual. Everyone who works with coaching and personal health with us are bound to secrecy.



All information our coaches receive regarding each client / customer is treated confidentially.

In cases where people’s experiences of our coaching is shared publicly, permission is always obtained with those involved.