Terms & conditions

Yes to Health's standard terms and conditions of use.
(Last updated August 21st 2017)

1. Acceptance

Access to, and use of the ordered online course, Yes to Health (“YTH”) is subject to the overall terms and conditions of the course set out by the company Yes to Health AS (“YTH AS”).

A prerequisite for valid use of the ”YTH” course is the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the course in their entirety. Course participants are solely responsible for familiarizing themselves with these terms and conditions prior to subscribing, and abiding by the rules of the course, for the duration of their valid right of course participation.


2. Participant’s right of withdrawal

Participants have a right to withdraw from the “YTH” course providing they give notice to “YTH AS” within 14 days of booking and payment date. Cancellation must be in writing by email to; [email protected]

On cancellation, 50% of the pre-paid amount is deducted. The remaining 50% is returned to an account specified by the participant. The 50% deducted from the original amount paid, is to cover the costs of access to, and insight in, the course material that the participant already has obtained.

Violation of any of these rules of terms and conditions by the participant will result in exclusion from “YTH”, and loss of rights to any refund.

The participant bears the burden of proving that cancellation has occurred within the specified timeframe.


3. Price and payment

The price of course participation is $ 69 as of August 1st 2017. Payment is made by debit/credit card via PayPal payment service.

PayPal is a leading global payment service, and is a secure and effective way of paying online. PayPal allows people to pay and transfer money without having to share their payment details; this applies to “YTH AS” as well. Payments through PayPal also include PayPal Buyer Protection and Seller Protection. For more information on PayPal, see www.paypal.com.


4. Access

Participants are granted access to “YTH” for one year—twelve months—after accepted registration and payment. After 12 months, access to “YTH” is automatically renewed if the subscription has not been cancelled.

Yestohealth.com is a responsive web service, i.e. “YTH” can be read and used, on both MACs, PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Course participants are responsible themselves for ensuring their devices are up to date regarding relevant software and browsers. Adobe Reader, a media player and possibly an e-mail account, are required to access all the contents of the course.

Should a course participant violate one or more terms or conditions, “YTH AS” reserves the right to immediately block the subscriber’s access to “YTH”.


5. Subscription

Subscription is personal and individual, and may not be transferred to a third party. Nor, may a participant allow their username and password to be used by any other person. Should this nevertheless occur, “YTH AS” reserves the right to immediately close down access, and deny the offending participant further participation in both the current course, and any future courses “YTH AS” should add to its listings.


6. Age restrictions

To book and attend “YTH AS’ online courses, subscribers must be 18 years or older.


7. Subscribing and user profile

Booking and payment to “YTH” serves as a direct enrollment. When enlisting, the course participants are asked to enter personal information to their user profile. If false or incorrect information is given, “YTH AS” reserves the right to immediately close the participant’s access.

It is the sole responsibility of the participant to account for any errors, prior to “YTH AS” deciding as to whether they may continue with “YTH”, or if they are to be banned for life.


8. Participants’ health

The contents of “YTH” are solely intended to be advisory and informative. Course participants are personally responsible for how they use the advice and information received during the course. Practical tools and methods provided by “YTH” must be followed and repeated in order to obtain the desired results. The actual implementation and necessary repetition is also the responsibility of the participant.

It is “YTH’s” intention to contribute to the desire of improved health and weight loss. However, this is not an offer of medical treatment.

Each and every participant is obliged to seek medical advice if there are medical or health considerations, or suspected medical or health considerations, to be assessed. If a participant has been diagnosed with any form of eating disorder, or has lost a substantial amount of weight in a relatively short period of time, resulting in a BMI of 20 or less, we strongly advise that the participant contact their GP.


9. Rights

All the contents and material used in “YTH”, to which the participant has access to, are either owned by “YTH AS”, or “YTH AS” has a contractual right to use. Participants do not have the permission to copy, photograph or forward any material or course content to third parties. Nor may they, in any form, share specific contents with third parties. Violation of these regulations will result in the offender, being immediately excluded, and in addition risk the possibility of a lawsuit filed against them, with the financial responsibility that this would entail.


10. The responsibilities of “YTH AS”

“YTH AS” is obliged to keep the website updated and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. In the event of a temporary outage that is beyond the control of “YTH AS”, i.e. a power failure, violation of network cables supplied by third parties and the like, “YTH AS” cannot be held responsible. Should a temporary outage be caused by faults within “YTH AS”, the course participant accepts that all outage beyond 48 hours is to be compensated with extended course access corresponding to the outage

“YTH AS” is further responsible for the safekeeping of participant’s user profiles, thus denying third parties access. “YTH AS” assures all participants that personal information will not be given, or sold to third parties, and that this information will not be used or misused in advertisements or other marketing activities, without the participants’ consent.

If “YTH AS” wishes to expand its services to include the founding of a “community”, the participants determine themselves whether they wish to participate or not, or to which degree they wish to participate.


11. Resolution of disputes

Any dispute concerning “YTH” or “YTH AS” and/or associated with login services are subject to applicable Norwegian laws and regulations. If negotiations are unsuccessful, disputes will be resolved by ordinary court proceedings with Sør-Trøndelag District Court as legal venue.


12. Changes to terms and conditions

“YTH AS” has the right to change its terms and conditions, however these changes are only applicable to existing participants in the event of their subscription renewal.


13. Acceptance of terms and conditions

By ticking the “I accept the terms” box, it is taken for granted that these terms and conditions have been read and accepted by course participant / buyer.