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Tried everything to lose weight and nothing works?

The truth is that we have never had so many diets, weight loss products and weight loss programs as today. Yet at the same time the world has never been so overweight and obese as today. And we just keep getting heavier, and more alarmingly—seriously ill due to obesity.

So why doesn’t anything work—long term? And have we made weight loss and good health more confusing, complicated and difficult than it has to be?

Author Anne Mette Larsen wanted to find out what the diets have overlooked, and why the desired long term results have not unfolded. She started with a long list of questions; Is lasting weight loss more than just exercise and dieting? Is a calorie a calorie? Does the food industry make food good for us or best for them? What controls our behavior? We know what is healthy and what to do, but don’t do it anyway. The list of questions seemed endless.

This book aims to give you aha moments—wisdom you can use to change your life. It provides you with a user manual for your brain. Supplies you with simple practical tools to enable you to change your eating habits. Teaches you how to improve your sleep, lower your stress level and much more. She introduces The Health Wheel—small and simple steps within eight areas of your life that will help you create or regain a healthy, balanced lifestyle with more energy, and the true and lasting weight loss you want.

This book is vastly different from other weight loss books and programs. It simply brings common sense back to weight loss.

Meet the AUTHOR

Anne Mette Larsen is a Norwegian writer, speaker, coach and entrepreneur.

Anne Mette has written and contributed to more than 250 articles for renowned magazines, websites, and blogs. She is the Norwegian publisher of international best selling authors like Paul McKenna, Shania Twain and Bear Grylls. Now, in 2018, she is launching her own first book: PLEASE—not another diet. Anne Mette is also the founder of Yes to Health.

She has been the main speaker, and hosted several large events in various countries. Well known for her humor, she enchants her audience when explaining challenging undertakings in life, rendering them possible solutions, in a simple, practical way.

With a compelling education having studied in the UK, USA, and Norway, her qualifications in leadership, management, physical education, sports, languages, communication, neuroscience and NLP, are second to none. She is a former athlete, trainer and judge/referee in downhill skiing, soccer, handball and sailing, and still enjoys both summer and winter sports. The last 20 years she has been researching human behavior, and actively training with world leading coaches. Her approach to life is one of curiosity—her personal motto being: Everyday is a treasure hunt.

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Available from February 1st 2018 at bookstores everywhere!


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